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Ensuring your baby's
breath is safe and sound

With our advanced baby breathing monitor, parents can rest assured that their baby's breath is a safe one

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Hi, we are Sensora.

Our innovative technology allows real-time monitoring of breathing. With Sensora breathing monitor using sound, parents can rest easy knowing their baby's health is being monitored and they will be alerted if any issues arise. We are willing to improve infant health and safety, and we are excited to bring this life-changing product to parents everywhere.

Why Sensora?

Our monitor will provide you with everything you need to know about your baby's breath. Providing an early alert system, and live analysis using AI. In addition, you can manage the data using our app on your phone, including medical tips and advices ensuring your certainty and calmness.

Early Alert System

Live Analysis

Parental Advising

Data Management


Sensora Basic

* Sensora User app access  
* Supportive care suggestions
* 1 Month respiratory history    
* Summarized respiratory data


Sensora Pro

* 2 Users -  Sensora app access      
* 6 Months respiratory history     
* Export medical report to a family      doctor
Basic plan PLUS:

Choose The Perfect Plan For You 

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